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Senior Front End Developer
Kyiv, Ukraine
We are looking for an experienced Front End Developer to join our R&D department in Kyiv. As a Front End Developer you'll work on user-facing features to improve the user experience across our platform.

Develop products and features on the Platform.
Design, develop, test and deploy high traffic features, with an emphasis on scalability and performance.
Be in charge of your team's technical domain - from design to production.

✔ Top notch FE developer with curiosity 5+ years of Javascript experience, working knowledge of asynchronous programming and ES6 concepts
✔ 5+ years of HTML/CSS experience, familiarity with cross-browser compatibility, accessibility and SEO best practices
✔ Strong experience with Node.JS and React
✔ Experience with browser APIs & front end performance optimisations
✔ MSc, BSc in CS is an advantage
✔ Fluent English

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